Thursday, May 4, 2017

Seesaw Review by Annabel and Anvi

Seesaw Review

  Seesaw is an interactive blogging and digital profile app or website. It can be used as a replacement of the applications Blogger and Notability. One can create a personal profile where photos, videos, drawing videos, notes, links, and files can be uploaded and created. Teachers can use Seesaw to keep digital portfolios of students work and comment on it. It allows students to save and submit a variety of files, including videos, photos, drawings, links, and notes. They can explain their work with a voice recording and submission writing sent to a teacher, who will then approve items, making it available to parents. Seesaw allows easy access to different methods of writing and note-taking, and creates a simple way for teachers to approve or disapprove blog posts.

  • There are many different ways to share ideas through Seesaw.
  • Teachers can approve and deny the uploading of different items onto a student’s blog.

  • Uploading photos and videos may take a long time.
  • Some uploads take a while to appear in one’s home page after being approved.

If you would like to join the Seesaw community-

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Morphi Review by Aymaan and Joel

Review of Stop Motion Studio by Christian

      Stop Motion Studio is a free app for making stop motion animations. Although the app is free to download, it offers a variety of in-app purchases to make the stop motion experience better for everyone.

      A stop motion animation is made by taking multiple photos of drawings or objects to give them the impression of movement. Then, by combining the photos, you can create a movie, short film, or video. If you want to give stop motion animation a try, Stop Motion Studio is a great app to use.

      When filming, you can zoom the camera in and out and flip the camera to face yourself or the outside. Zooming is good if you want to get close-up shots of characters. There is also a timer so you don't have to press the red button every time you want to take a picture. This will also give you some time to move your character in between each scene. Another feature is Onion Skin, which makes an almost transparent copy of a picture when you go to take another one. This can be helpful when making an animation because if your figure falls over, you can put it back in its place. It's also used to make small movements so your figure doesn't look like it jumped out of its place.

      When editing, you can fix and improve your videos. You can view each picture you take and edit it. You can change the frame speed from one to thirty frames per second. You can also make your video a loop so you can play it over and over again and you can play your last frames only, which takes you back to where you left off if you scroll back to an earlier frame while watching our video. You can add audio and enable or disable the sound.

      Individually, the in-app purchases cost $0.99, but there are two that cost $1.99 each. You can buy them all together for $4.99. The features in this pack include Import Images, Remote Camera, Movie Effects, Paint, Green Screen, Themes, Sound Effects, 4K Ultra HD, and Rotoscoping.

The only criticism I have is that many of the features the app offers have to be payed for.