Friday, February 17, 2017

Interviewing the BHS Help Desk!

MSMS Help Desk students had a blast "Chatting" online with students from the BHS Help Desk team yesterday!

You can check out the video below:

Chloe and Bella will be following up in a post featuring some of the key topics that were discussed. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Gili's Hyperdoc Lesson for Spanish Class


Click the link for a quick song

Find some -ar verbs we have learned

______________    ________________     ________________

______________    ________________     ________________

This is what the ending look like in a chart. Remember that you

Use this link for a quick exercise
When opening the link pick 10 questions and and mark NO for the vosotros form.

Use this link for practicing your skills
You Do Not necessarily need to know the verbs you just need to conjugate them.

Jonathan's Tech Survey

As shown in the graph above, about half of the people who have taken this survey voted to hand write notes in a notebook. This surprised me because I thought in our new age of technology, many people would want to type out notes, I think this is because typed notes are neater and easier to organize.
As shown by the line graph above, Notability, Drawing Pad, and Google Classroom all came in the top three for most favored educational app. The only app that surprised me was that Drawing Pad was tied for first with the most favored educational app.

As shown in the circle graph above it was about evenly spread out between the four choices. The only thing that surprised me was when students used their iPads less than once a week. I thought that students would use iPads in every special at least once a week.

The class that used iPads the most per week would be Science class, in science 37.5% of people that took the server would use their iPads every day. This didn't surprise me because in science you have to make models and show work, using the iPad is a good way of doing this. The class that didn't use their iPad the most per week would be in Foreign Language. This surprised me because I thought that most of the Foreign Language teachers would use iPads in their class.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Headphone Review by Bella, Chloe and Amal

Wireless Headphones
Wire Headphones
  • No wire to get tangled
  • Small
  • Easily accessible
  • Can adjust volume
  • Not easily lost or dropped
  • You don't have to worry about connection being lost
  • Connection may be lost
  • Have to charge
  • Easier to lose
  • Wire could break
  • Can't adjust volume

Wireless Headphones
Wire Headphones

Wireless Headphones
Wire Headphones


What is a Hyperdoc and how do I use it??? By Gili

A hyperdoc is an interactive lesson that can be designed for any topic using this template from

To engage students at the beginning of a lesson, insert video, image, quote, or another inspirational hook in this box.

Curate a collection of resources (articles, videos, infographics, text excerpts, etc.) for students to explore a topic.

Use this section of the HyperDoc to explain the lesson objective through direct instruction using your favorite web tool, or gather students together to teach the content.

Create an assignment for students to apply what they learn by using web tools to create, collaborate, and/or connect beyond the classroom.

Collect student work to provide feedback, and/or include a section for students to share work with an authentic audience.

Include an opportunity for face-to-face or digital reflection to guide students along their learning progression and set new goals.

Add links to more activities and online resources to extend the learning.  

You can search Google for lessons for different topics or create your own. For each lesson you need to have a link or activity for each level. Each level has a different purpose or different experience of learning.

I think that hyperdocs are a good way for learning because it gives the student different kinds of activities and they wouldn't get bored of an activity. I also think that it is a good activity to give to students when there is a substitute or the teacher isn't feeling well and can't speak, because the student can guide themselves through the lesson and also have instructions.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Review of Sphero by Joel

A  Sphero  SPRK is a robotic ball that is able to go at high speeds and goes into small areas. The surface of the ball is clear so we are able to see the robotics of it and also we can change the glowing colors. But we don't just use it for colors and driving we also use it for coding. Coding helps students learn how to program and engineer.  Putting into a toy is  genius. Schools can implement many ways to use coding and get students excited about coding. Obviously it's not just pure education, it is also fun. The speed gives the Sphero an RC car feeling and the glowing colors make it cool.

 The Sphero has multiple different ways of coding, examples are drawing,text,and blocks which is shown above. Coding blocks can alter heading,speed,color,velocity etc.  While drawing just draw the position it has to move and it will move that way as shown below and lastly text. Text is when you type in a program and the Sphero connects to the mobile device and does the program which is shown below.
The Sphero app also show tutorial on coding and also lets you and other people share their programs which you could use or base off of.
The home page is shown in below.

The Sphero is a great and educational device to use for students and teachers around the world.