Thursday, February 14, 2013

MSMS Help Desk Student Volunteers

Shiv- helps other students and teachers learn how to use apps
Mia- makes how-to videos for teachers and students
Dharini- works in groups to help other students understand technology
Lindsay- posts pictures on the blog
Julia- likes to try out new apps for us to use in the future
Mehroz- wants to find new apps that would be useful in the classroom
Dan- loves to make graphic designs and is a professional try-hard
Saif- enjoys creating how-to videos
Jack- wants to test new apps for us to use in school
Andrew- enjoys trying out new ways for us to use the iPads in the classroom
Shailin- wants to find new apps that are fun and educational
Aashay- likes to help people use the new technology
Ryan- is creating new apps for the iPads
Dalena- wants to post pictures to help people use new iPads
Victor- enjoys helping people use apps in school
Tom- wants to help the Msms community get used to life with iPads
Souleiman- enjoys creating new apps that can be used in the classroom
Adil- likes creating new apps

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