Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Favorite iPad Apps

Our Help Desk Students choose their favorite iPad apps (of the ones that are currently on their school iPads):

EVERNOTE is the most popular among our group:
Mia- Evernote (stores notes)
Mehroz- Evernote (easy to take notes)
Dan- Evernote (universal for iPads and computers)
Tom- Evernote (extremely useful)
Victor- Evernote (access it at home)
Jack- Evernote (access notes at home)
Aashay- Evernote (useful for school, easier than writing in a notebook)
Shiv- Evernote (simple to use)
Andrew- Evernote (access it from anywhere)
Adil- Evernote (it automatically sync's with my computer at home)

Saif- Notability (easy to use and organizes everything)
Souleiman- Notability (best note-taking app.)
Shailin- Notability (easy to use)

Lindsay- Educreations (Likes to use it in Math class)
Julia- Doodlecast Pro (drawing/coloring)
Ryan-Explain Everything (easy to use for notes and projects)
Dalena-Skitch (helps with creating projects) 

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