Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Student App Suggestions Part 2

Mia suggests: Stack the Countries
•6th graders could review the countries and cities of the world
•they could also learn about major locations of the world
•fun and educational
•as they make it to the "finish line" of the major game they will receive a new country. They can see where each of the countries are located.
•students have previously enjoyed the original game stack the states.... This is just a "bigger" version which includes all countries of the world
•slightly a tad bit of math is involved too. It used when someone gets a question right and has to stack a new country.... They must position the country at the right angle to allow it to be stacked and not fall off the pill.
•free version or $1.99 for full version

Souleiman suggests: Simple Minds

Simple minds is a very easy to use brainstorming app - it allows you to make webs for planning things out - this could be popular in LA class when the teacher wants us to make graphic organizers. There's a paid version but I thinkin the free one is good enough.

Shiv suggests: Chart Maker Lite
Cost: Free

The app creates a line graph for two sets of data. The app can also send the chart and data to someones email.  The chart can also be printed out and can be opened in other apps like Evernote and Explain Everything.

The app can be used in science class. You can record a set of data and send the completed graph to your teacher. The app is really easy to use because the data can be typed in easily and the graph can have different colors according to the data of the experiment.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Student Recommended Apps:

Souleiman recommends PENULTIMATE- "It's made by Evernote, and it syncs with your Evernote account. It also recognizes handwriting and indexes it. Most importantly it's free so it won't hurt to deploy it - maybe some kids might like it."

Dan recommends NOVA ELEMENTS- "The jist of it it is that it is an interactive periodic table of elements. One can build molecular compounds and atoms with the molecular sandbox function. You can also watch videos about certain molecules and elements. You can also build atoms and substances as part of a game."