Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Newest App Reviews!

By Nirmal, Jeet and Tej:


This app is great for organizing your homework and setting reminders for when tests/quizzes are and to study for them. This way you wouldn’t forget to do your homework or to study. Since we can’t take the ipads home, you can put whatever you need to do at home on your ipad and connect it to other apple devices.

The app is for the school . You create an app made for the school. You can set reminders, etc.This is a great app for us because the students will be well organized.


This app is good for students to keep track of their homework and upcoming events like due dates, tests and quizzes.
The app is good as it allows teachers to post their homework directly into their class folder so the students wont forget their homework. Also, the app gives notifications.

Vocabulary Spelling City

I think that spelling city is a good app because it is free. 
Also, it is good because you could learn to spell some hard words that are commonly misspelled for careless reasons.

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