Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Out with the old, In with the new!

HelpDesker, Arya Bhat just completed the new MSMS HelpDesk logo. Using the app, Sketchbook Express, she created this awesome new logo. Check out Arya's review of Sketchbook below:

App: Sketchbook Express and Sketchbook Pro 6

Sketchbook Express- free(on all devices)   

Sketchbook Pro 6- $0.99(mobile), $29.99(desktop), $2.99(tablet)
Genre: Graphics and Design

This app is perfect for creating unique styles of digital art! However, there are different features of the app in each device. In sketchbook express, there is a variation of brushes which you can experiment with. The paid version, Sketchbook Pro 6, has even more variations of brushes that are used in reality. Both are worthy of buying! Top of that, you don't need to carry any art supplies while you travel. Just grab a device with the app and a stylus, and you're ready to let your imagination and creativity flow wildly! The best recommendations to use these amazing apps would be either on the Mac or the iPad. 

Below, the old HelpDesk logo created by former Helpdesker, Dan McCarthy

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