Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming SOON to MSMS Help Desk:

Tutorials, How-to Videos, and Easy-to-Understand Presentations for the following Apps and Programs:



Google Drive


Explain Everything

Who Created Our Awesome Logo?

Props go to MSMS Help Desk Students: Dan and Shiv
They created our logo using Adobe Illustrator.

We are very impressed with their talent and creativity!
Thanks Dan and Shiv!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Favorite iPad Apps

Our Help Desk Students choose their favorite iPad apps (of the ones that are currently on their school iPads):

EVERNOTE is the most popular among our group:
Mia- Evernote (stores notes)
Mehroz- Evernote (easy to take notes)
Dan- Evernote (universal for iPads and computers)
Tom- Evernote (extremely useful)
Victor- Evernote (access it at home)
Jack- Evernote (access notes at home)
Aashay- Evernote (useful for school, easier than writing in a notebook)
Shiv- Evernote (simple to use)
Andrew- Evernote (access it from anywhere)
Adil- Evernote (it automatically sync's with my computer at home)

Saif- Notability (easy to use and organizes everything)
Souleiman- Notability (best note-taking app.)
Shailin- Notability (easy to use)

Lindsay- Educreations (Likes to use it in Math class)
Julia- Doodlecast Pro (drawing/coloring)
Ryan-Explain Everything (easy to use for notes and projects)
Dalena-Skitch (helps with creating projects) 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

MSMS Help Desk Student Volunteers

Shiv- helps other students and teachers learn how to use apps
Mia- makes how-to videos for teachers and students
Dharini- works in groups to help other students understand technology
Lindsay- posts pictures on the blog
Julia- likes to try out new apps for us to use in the future
Mehroz- wants to find new apps that would be useful in the classroom
Dan- loves to make graphic designs and is a professional try-hard
Saif- enjoys creating how-to videos
Jack- wants to test new apps for us to use in school
Andrew- enjoys trying out new ways for us to use the iPads in the classroom
Shailin- wants to find new apps that are fun and educational
Aashay- likes to help people use the new technology
Ryan- is creating new apps for the iPads
Dalena- wants to post pictures to help people use new iPads
Victor- enjoys helping people use apps in school
Tom- wants to help the Msms community get used to life with iPads
Souleiman- enjoys creating new apps that can be used in the classroom
Adil- likes creating new apps

We are one-to-one! Here are our iPad carts