Monday, November 17, 2014

Our Cool Google Chat with a School in CA!

Last week, our students had the opportunity to "meet" with another group of 8th grade students from California who do what they do! The Mayan Genius Bar at Montgomery Middle School "chatted" with us during Activity Block so we could learn about each of our programs, and how they are alike and different. This is what we learned:

1. They have a "studio" for their group while we work in the Media Center (which they compared to the size of a stadium).

2. They meet before school, during lunch and during "Advisory Block" while we meet during Activity Block.

3. They love Educreations, iMovie and Explain Everything and we do too!

4. They don't use Google Classroom, so we told them how cool it is.

5. They promote their services by making announcements in school, through word of mouth and they have created a few commercials. That gave us the idea to create some of our own commercials about our Help Desk!

6. Their favorite "tech toy" is the Hologram Keyboard

7. Their favorite browser is Chrome

8. Their least favorite thing in technology right now is the iOS8 Update (they promised new emoji's and didn't deliver!)

We can't wait to "chat with them again soon!

You can see more about what they do here:

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