Thursday, January 8, 2015

Google Chat with CA Part 2

MSMS Help Desk Students love chatting with their Mayan Genius Bar friends (

Here are some highlights of their most recent "meet up:"

They use iMovie to make videos/ads (MSMS Help Desk is working on putting together their first info-mercial!)

They run/attend a Genius Bar Boot Camp- kids teach a class about iPads (on the weekend)- usually other middle school kids from their school or other surrounding kids come to learn about technology. MSMS Help Desk is hoping to be involved in something like this in the future as well!

They did Hour of Code too- they thought it was fun because they got to make their own code.

Vans vs Converse- tie
Crazy Drivers- Boston vs. So Cal (Mr. Lusas even got involved in the conversation!)

They are an accelerated reader school, so in order to do genius bar, they have to keep up with their reading and tests (they have an advisor who approves).

At MSMS we usually use Chrome, but many students prefer Safari and Firefox.
In CA, they tend to prefer Safari over all the other browsers.

Cool apps in school:
Pic Collage (app)

They have 3 weeks for their holiday break (we are jealous), except they don’t get any other breaks from school throughout the year.

Thanks again for the awesome chat! Looking forward to continuing to learn from each other!

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