Thursday, February 26, 2015

JogNog App Review by Josh and Ronin

JogNog App Review by Josh and Ronin

JogNog is an app where users complete quizzes in order to earn coins, points, and towers. Coins can be used to buy things such as extra time on quizzes. Points are used to compare users to others in order to encourage use of the app. Towers serve the same purpose as trophies, which can be upgraded using coins. Students join classes using a randomly generated class code, where the teacher posts quizzes usually consisting of multiple levels usually around 10 questions each.

The app works well. Lag is almost nonexistent, and the app is easy to use once set up. Additionally, the involved competition encourages use of the app. However, there are a few issues. Setup is time consuming and can be confusing to some people. Also, the feature allowing drawing in the screen during a question is extremely laggy, inaccurate, and can't be erased. Other than these few flaws, this is a recommended app.

Joicee's App Review - Google Drawings

App Review for Google Drawings

Google drawings is a great computer program to make diagrams, plot diagrams, and cool pictures! It is easy to use and very fun. You can do word art, shapes, lines, draw, insert images, and draw. I love using it because I can make my diagrams or other things colorful. It is so easy to use and I recommend it.

I made this for my homeroom teacher who kept having to remind everybody about which way the iPad should face. I used some cloud shape in google drawings and some png clipart from the web.

Cell Project:

App Review- Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack App Review by Sean

  • Trivia Crack is a fun app where you spin a wheel and get one of 7 categories science, geography, entertainment, art, sports, history, and the crown. If you answer 3 questions correctly then you can get one of the characters.
  • The science is green and you are asked questions that have to do with science, and you get asked by the trivia crack players
  • Entertainment is pink and you are asked questions about movies and tv shows
  • Sports is orange and you are asked questions that have to do with any type of sport from football to cricket
  • Art is red and you are asked questions about paintings and famous artists
  • Geography is blue and you’re asked questions about geography or related to geography
  • History is yellow and youŕe asked questions about famous times in history
  • The crown is purple and if you spin on it, you get all of the answers correct without doing anything
  • What I LIKE about this app is the entertainment questions I seem to know a lot of them
  • What I DISLIKE about this app is that you can chat with random strangers

The Girls Created a Help Desk Video Too!

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