Thursday, February 26, 2015

App Review- Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack App Review by Sean

  • Trivia Crack is a fun app where you spin a wheel and get one of 7 categories science, geography, entertainment, art, sports, history, and the crown. If you answer 3 questions correctly then you can get one of the characters.
  • The science is green and you are asked questions that have to do with science, and you get asked by the trivia crack players
  • Entertainment is pink and you are asked questions about movies and tv shows
  • Sports is orange and you are asked questions that have to do with any type of sport from football to cricket
  • Art is red and you are asked questions about paintings and famous artists
  • Geography is blue and you’re asked questions about geography or related to geography
  • History is yellow and youŕe asked questions about famous times in history
  • The crown is purple and if you spin on it, you get all of the answers correct without doing anything
  • What I LIKE about this app is the entertainment questions I seem to know a lot of them
  • What I DISLIKE about this app is that you can chat with random strangers

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