Thursday, April 30, 2015

Noel's Computer Tips

Many Easy Tips For Your Computer
1. Find out if you are using a MAC or PC
2. For a MAC use Safari and for a PC use Firefox for Internet
3. Do not use Bing (confusing to use)
4. Use Google or Yahoo (preferable search engines)
5. Make your questions in each search understandable and short
6. Don’t use Wikipedia for all fact based information (may not be accurate)
7. MAC’s use icloud and you can connect different devices
8. Take your computer and set it up to your preferences (background picture, volume, screen brightness)
9. The MAC can use facetime, imessage, and other apple products/apps
10. The PC u can use paint when bored or for being creative
11. Last but not least use what is easiest for you

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