Thursday, June 4, 2015

StudyBlue and Quizlet Review by Jillian P. and Noel

Study Blue:

There are many things that you can do with Study Blue, like add pictures and voice memo's to go with the information you put on your virtual flashcards. You can also use this app for remembering words in another language rather than just a word and the definition of the word.  

You may encounter problems like glitches and some lag when trying to transition into each section to edit it. Also when I tryed to add in the pictures it was very slow and overall a frustrating process. But it's FREE!

Image result for study blue
Image result for study blue


Quizlet is a FREE website and app to review certain subjects. You can join classes, make flashcards, and change languages. 

The downside of Quizlet is you can’t translate languages unless you manually change them. The website is good for studying,teachers making flashcards, and quizzes. Students can’t use Quizlet without a teacher to make the cards or information.

Image result for Quizlet

Image result for Quizlet

Here are some other sites that are similar to Study Blue and Quizlet:              

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  1. Actually you can create a Quizlet account and create a set of words on your own without a teacher.


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