Thursday, September 17, 2015

Wishbone Review

By Maida and Sydney
Braids or ponytails? Phineas or Ferb? Sleeping With Sirens or All Time Low? Wishbone wants your opinion. Vote for what you prefer, and find out what all of the other voters think. With twelve “pop culture-based" questions in the Daily Dozen, and fifty in the Community section, you, and hundreds of thousands of others pick the side you prefer. There’s humor, there’s fashion, there’s music, there’s everything! You have the option of posting your own polls and, if your poll is featured, you can watch as your votes grow and see the outcome.

Wishbone lets you vote on and create hundreds of polls, which is very exciting, but there are some cons to the app. For instance, there are many, many ads, and many phones do seem to get glitchy. There is an option to not give any information, or you can connect via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Wishbone is rated three stars for a reason - the many advertisements, the glitches, the safety, and the easy ability to get addicted.

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