Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Joicee Suggests That We Try DIY.ORG

If you want to try a new skill you should try diy.org! Why? Because
there are so many to choose from.

Here are a few to name: Photographer, Gymnast, Philosopher,
Entrepreneur, and so many more. For all there are patches you can
earn. When you complete three activities you can earn a badge. When
you complete six activities you get a Master Skill Patch.

Coming soon from Help Desk

*Green Screen Tutorial

*Tellegami Video and Digital Citizenship


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Zaption Review by Jordan

Zaption is a web app for teachers and students to use video as an interactive experience. Zaption makes videos come to life with engaging and interactive video lessons.You can add images, text, quizzes and discussions to private videos! Another cool thing about zaption is that the app is free.                        


Meet Sarah!

Sarah is our newest member of HelpDesk!

Sarah is currently updating our Instagram.

Her favorite apps to use in school are Drawing Pad, Puppet Pals, and Google Docs.
Outside of school, she loves Crossy Road, Instagram, and SnapChat.

Welcome Sarah!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BioDigital Human Website Review by Sameeksha

BioDigital Human

It's every science teachers dream to be accompanied by a visual aid which would enhance student understanding of a concept.


Biodigital human enables teachers to explain with the help of a digital human skeleton various aspects of the human body. The structure, the various body systems, diseases, and other related information.

It enables you to view details in the human anatomy.

  • Skeleton System is the default setting, but you can add  various human systems, view ligaments, diseases, and their effects on the body.

The Circulatory system.
  • You can rotate the image of your biodigital human at any angle, position, angle, and zoom in/out.
It is a very useful aid for all science teachers.

I personally would suggest teachers to use the url above and see whether the biodigital human comes in handy. The students can also easily access it as a free app on the i-pads.

Sydney Created a Special Wishbone

Students are convinced that we have our very own Ed Sheeran at MSMS... or is it one of their Help Desk Advisor's Mr. Carroll?!?!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October is Digital Citizenship Month!

In celebration of Digital Citizenship Month, Maida and Gili created this cool flyer to be posted in classrooms around MSMS

Battle of the Browsers!

Microsoft  Edge  vs   Chrome vs  Safari

by Rachad, Chloe, and Jordan