Tuesday, October 20, 2015

BioDigital Human Website Review by Sameeksha

BioDigital Human

It's every science teachers dream to be accompanied by a visual aid which would enhance student understanding of a concept.


Biodigital human enables teachers to explain with the help of a digital human skeleton various aspects of the human body. The structure, the various body systems, diseases, and other related information.

It enables you to view details in the human anatomy.

  • Skeleton System is the default setting, but you can add  various human systems, view ligaments, diseases, and their effects on the body.

The Circulatory system.
  • You can rotate the image of your biodigital human at any angle, position, angle, and zoom in/out.
It is a very useful aid for all science teachers.

I personally would suggest teachers to use the url above and see whether the biodigital human comes in handy. The students can also easily access it as a free app on the i-pads.

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