Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We have 3 New HelpDesker's to Introduce!

Lainey, Bella and Bella are our newest volunteers!

Here are some blurbs about each of them:


I joined help desk because it gave me an opportunity to help out the school while hanging out with my friends. Three of my favorite apps are Pinterest, because it gives me creative ideas to do things, Snapchat because I can take really cool pictures, and lastly YouTube because I get to watch videos for entertainment.


I joined help desk because I like to help people and I'm pretty good with the iPads and because I like to do projects especially with my friends.
Some apps that I like are apps were I can make videos and apps that I that I get to draw with also iMovie.


I joined help desk because I like to use the I pad and electronics and I also wanted to help out with things. My three favorite apps are drawing pad, stack the states, and Facebook. I like drawing pad because I like to draw and write. I like stack the states because I can learn and build. I like Facebook because I can communicate with my family who lives in New York. 

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