Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jordan's Math App's Review!


The app Mathmateer lets you build a rocket and shoots you up into space. Once you're into space you have to answer mathematical questions to stay in space, if you answer a question wrong you start falling back to earth. Each time you get a high score you get more coins, you can use coins to buy things for your rocket.
The app is cool because you get to design a rocket from scratch. You can choose the level you want to study at between grades 1-12. You can choose multiplication, addition, subtraction, or division.

Math Ninja” is a fun game where u get to destroy robot cats and dogs every 10 bots you have to answer 4-5 math questions. This app is a good way to practice Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication, and Division. I would definitely recommend this app for all ages.

This app is called “Max Math” in this app you answer math equations to get closer to the cat food (dead fish). Every time you get a answer right you move closer but every time you get an answer wrong your air helmet starts to crack. If you get three answers wrong your helmet explodes and you die, then you have to start all over. I would definitely recommend this app to all ages.

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