Thursday, December 17, 2015

Student Feedback- HOUR OF CODE

Helpdesker's spent last week working on coding. Here are some of their thoughts:

Lainey: I Had a lot of fun coding because I got to make up my own things. One thing I didn't like was that some levels took a long time.

Bella: I liked when we got to make our own little game at the end I also liked the one where I could play with the penguin and the unicorn.

Gili: I really liked coding because I got to create my own amazing drawing and coding rocks!

Joicee- I liked being able to make any design I wanted! I loved using the site it was so easy!!!

Jordan: I enjoyed coding because you get to create your own versions of popular games like Angry Birds and Plant vs  Zombie.

Jonathan: I thought that coding the games was a lot of fun because making the background. Another thing that I thought was a lot of fun was using the sound effects to give the game more character.

Aida- I thought that The coding games were fun, I enjoyed the flappy bird game best.

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