Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Will's Duolingo Review

Duolingo is an app to help someone learn a foreign language. They have many types of activities to do from matching to repeating back what's on the screen into a microphone. It's very colorful each lesson having its own logo to represent it. Anyone who speaks English and wants to learn a foreign language can select from fifteen different languages. It also has about 23 different language scenarios for other people, with about one or two languages for people with a different native language. Once you select the language it's very simple, just select what lesson you want to learn, like learning the basics or the different foods of a language and go. Some of the more advanced lessons are locked until you complete enough lessons that are more basic. They use pictures to help people learn what different words mean and translate to the language spoken by the person. Once a full lesson/unit is complete its icon will turn gold and will request you to review every once in awhile. If you feel like you mastered a group of units and want to go to more advanced units you can always test out by tapping the gold bar with a key separating  the more advanced parts of the language from the more basic. Overall the app is easy to use and I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to learn a foreign language for any reason; like school or for travel reasons.

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