Thursday, April 7, 2016

TinyTap App Review

TinyTap by Sydney and Aida

TinyTap is an application primarily used  for teachers to teach educational material and is  great for kids to learn on. You can make interactive puzzles that can be fun and educational. It can be about many different topics, from history to parts of the body. Some features include e-books, soundboards, interactive presentations, photo albums and much more.

This app is a great study tool for children. There are many different types of animations you can put into a presentation. There are many different options you can use in the app. One is to record your voice. An animated object can be clicked on and your own voice speaking is the result. You can create a hint, question, or other things to record. Another thing  you can use is to create shapes to drag and drop to the correct spot. At first the app is confusing but once you understand how to use it, it become a fun app that is exciting to use.

The parts of TinyTap that could be improved are how  it's layout is  confusing for even middle schoolers to fully understand (although it is meant for kids of ages four and above). I think TinyTap could use some clear instructions on how to use it and maybe offer a tutorial.

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