Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Joicee's Comparison of Peak and Lumosity - Brain Training Apps

    Peak and Lumosity are brain training apps. Lumosity is very popular and has a commercial while Peak does not have as much publicity. They both are very simple to setup and easy to use. Peak is more colorful than Lumosity which makes it more captivating and fun. They each have daily training sessions with three or four games. Peak has four games every day while Lumosity only has three. That is something I enjoy about Peak: it has more games and is very colorful. Another good thing about Peak is that you can look at a graph of your progress and compare it to others. Peak also has a feature where you can invite friends and try to beat their high scores. Lumosity is a little more fast paced and a little more serious looking. It does not have as much color as Peak, but it is extremely simple to use.



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