Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sarah and Jonathan Review Videorama

  • Videorama is an app that you can use to make movies and videos
  • You can put sounds such as day tick, inception, and whoosh ect…
  • You can add video effects such as tornado, fire, and hearts
  • You can also add text on every picture with many fonts and colors
  • There are three options: Landscape, Portrait, and Square
  • Using the Picture timer you can select the amount of time the picture is displayed
  • You can add pictures or videos, but you cannot take the video or picture in the app.
  • You have a limit of 7 effects and sounds per 10 seconds
  • You can only put 5 lines of font size 12 per each picture
  • Some of the things on Videorama that I disliked included a limit to things you can use, sometimes the whole picture is not shown on the video, and finally how long it takes for a picture to upload onto Videorama. The limit stops you from giving the video a little more excitement. Depending on the side you chose the whole picture will show.

Image result for videorama

if you have videos in your camera roll then you can drop them into your movie
There is a limit to 7 effects per every 10 seconds
you can put in effects and sounds and different things like that
sometimes the entire picture you put in does not show
there is no limit to what you can put in, like pictures and videos
you can not drop music into videorama. You have to use the music they have for you

There are little things you can do with the picture you drop in. There are only 3 effects you can use on the picture you drop in.

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