Thursday, May 5, 2016

Sydney and Aida Teacher Spotlight with Mr. Hickman

Mr. Hickman Interview
In Mr. Hickman’s science class on team 8C, we often go into the Mac Lab and use Phet Simulations. We also often use Jognog, usually for MCAS review. Phet simulations basically allows people to do labs revolving around subjects such as motion and energy, cells, chemical reactions,temperature reactions, and many more subjects.

What do you like about the PhET Simulations?
“PhET allow you to do experiments that would otherwise be impossible. The simulation lets us do experiments with chemicals and chemical reactions that we could never ever do in a middle school classroom”

What are some downsides that you don't like about PhET Simulations?
“Sometimes they are too complex and people get confused. Also, people are so close together that it is more tempting to talk to friends”

“Jognog is useful for vocab review but it really doesn't require any thinking it's just memorizing.
You really get introduced to words or concepts that you may have forgotten.”

“When we used to have pcs in class and when we had pcs we could use different types of sensors to record and graph the data but they took the pics away and replaced them with iPads. It was a great loss to the school. They were thrown out.”

“One of the problems with PhET is that we can only use the Mac lab when other classes aren't using it.”

What other electronically educational things do you use?
“iPads aren't really meant for anything other than going online and watching videos. They are not analytical tools. So iPads don't replace a pc and they don't replace a Mac. In the most part, they distract students who could otherwise be learning”

Would you ever consider graphing online or on paper?
“Yes but to graph accurately online you first need to know how to graph accurately on paper”

Do you think it would be harder if you didn't have electronics?
“It is not only more difficult but there are so many things you couldn't do. It just allows us to  do experiments we could never do in class.”

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