Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Will and Rachad Test Samsung VR Headsets!

Samsung Gear is one of the new VR headsets that has been being talked about lately. It uses the phone as the screen and speakers. Mr. Fatal the tech Ed teacher recently obtained one of these headsets and let me test it out. Every time it says to tap the touchpad you have to tap it, that's located on the right side of the headset, don't tap it too many times or keep a finger on the edge of the touchpad, or the message won't go away.

I was able to to take a look at the Jurassic Park and the Avengers cinematic views. When you moved your head, the view would move too as in real life. Say you are watching tv and you turn your head to talk to someone, that's what happens when you move your head in the cinematics. The avengers cinematic is a battle scene frozen in time that you are taken through. You start off as Iron Man with his suit booting up. Then you get taken through the scene and see each character in the middle of combat, from Thor to Captain America until you reach their target Ultron. It was really cool, the sound was a little hard to hear because the headset still used the phone‘s speakers, but it was still very audible. Rachad got to play Temple Run, he has some things he would like to say.

It was a great experience, Temple run was so fun,  when I looked back I saw those monsters chasing me and I ran and I ran, I was laughing so hard. When you were in temple run you had to press down a button to run away from the Monkey Demons, after you took the golden idol they started chasing you. You would run and run then there would be obstacles that you would have to avoid. If you avoided them you would keep going but if you tripped over a branch you would get two chances.  I couldn’t pass the branches, I would trip and trip then yell “I think the games broken”. There was a controller which you use to run, jump, turn ect. You would use the joy sticks to turn and run but you would use X to jump.

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