Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Jonathan's Mindfulness App's Review

NATURE SPACE- This is a very easy app to use. There are many sounds that you can listen to like Infinite Shoreline or First Light. When you choose your sound there is a button you click and it will set the scene for you. Some descriptions tell you to close your eyes and imagine that walking along the shore or that you are standing in a stream. Some things that I did not like about this app is that there is no sleep timer so you cannot set the sound for 60 minutes. The sound does not stop when you leave the app.

BREATHE- The app is very easy to use. This app helps you relax and calm down. The app has a very calm voice that gives you specific instructions to help you relax. There are many different stages in the app. At the beginning of the app you take a small quiz to let the iPad calculate your mindset, from there it gives you different things to help you relax. The sounds in the app may be relaxing, but they sound very similar to each other. The instructions on the app were helpful but were very repetitive. Over all app was very helpful and relaxing.

DOWN DOG- In down dog there are many different difficulty levels. You can choose the speed of the moves. You can also choose the music that is in the background. Another thing that was very helpful was the amount of time this takes, you can choose the amount of time you do yoga. The pictures of the character demonstrating is very useful to the participants. Some things I didn't like were how the pictures on showed the move and not the transition. Overall the app was very useful and helpful to advance my novice yoga skills.

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