Tuesday, November 15, 2016

PHET Review by Bella V., Christian and Chloe P.

PhET is an educational science app. You may choose your own level or do all of the levels.  After you choose your level it gives different experiments to learn from. The user can also choose the category. The categories are Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Earth Science. The games on this app are very interactive, this app helps users understand experiments better. Some of these activities on this app are not easily understood by the user. PhET should add directions to the activities to help the user better understand what to do. PhET should also walk you through what to do before you start using the app, almost like a tutorial. There is also a section that lists the user’s favorite experiments.

Our Favorite Activities:
  • Biology
    • Color Vision
    • Balloons and Static Electricity
  • Chemistry
    • Concentration
    • Wave on a String

  • Physics
    • Friction
    • John Travoltage
  • Math
    • Area Builder
    • Fraction Matcher
  • Earth Science
    • Under Pressure
    • pH Scale

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