Tuesday, December 13, 2016

StoryboardThat Review by Bella, Chloe and Christian

StoryboardThat is a digital comic maker. It allows users to create and imagine new things for projects, and presentations. On this website you can pick a scene to put in one of the spaces that holds the comics. The user can add a wide variety of characters, speech bubbles, shapes, transportation, scenes, and social media logos. In characters there are several sections including Adults, Teens, Kids, Jobs, Sports, Greek Mythology, Culture, 1900’s, 1600’s-1800’s, Medieval, Classic Era, Monsters and Myths, and Silhouettes. For speech bubbles you can use the common shapes. In the scenes tabs you can pick from Home(indoor), Home (outdoor), School, Athletics, Work, Classical Homes, Historical, US History, and Country & Rustic. You can also add shapes and download things from the internet. You can edit your character’s colors and adjust their position and hand gestures. The user can drag and drop images to create a digital project and share it with teachers or other students.

StoryboardThat is a good website for making projects and comics, but it glitches and can be very slow. If the website was not as slow or if the glitches were fixed, this website would be a lot better.

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