Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to Use Notability by Chloe

Teacher Profile - Mr. Marino

Teacher profile

Mr. Marino is an awesome and fun teacher. The apps that we use in Mr. Marino’s class are Classroom, Notability, and Drive. First thing we do in Mr. Marino’s class is classroom and we do warm ups everyday. If Mr. Marino wants us to take notes we take it in Notability. When we want to submit something to Mr.Marino we save it to Drive and send it through there. That's what apps we use in Mr.Marino’s class. It's fun and interesting.

Written by Maida

Teacher Spotlight- Ms. Miley

Great Job Sarah on our first TEACHER SPOTLIGHT!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Simonds Says!

We made it into the Simonds Says E-Magazine again!
Great work on the article Bella!

Check out the entire E-Magazine here:


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sameeksha's MSMS Self Checkout Notice!

MSMS Self Checkout -
self checkout
             Select ----- Marshall Simonds Middle School option
self checkout
Username - msmsselfcheckout Password = destiny (all lower case)
self checkout
           Search the book you want to…..

To checkout a book -
self checkout
Search a book title in the find box
After checking the availability of the book, click circulations option at the top, enter your LASID and click ‘find patron’.
Check out the book using the MARSHALL SIMONDS IMC barcode only. The scanner will beep once the book has been scanned            

Thursday, February 4, 2016

How to Use Chatterpix

By, Bella, Bella and Lainey

ChatterPix Review by Bella V.


ChatterPix is an app that you can use to make any inanimate object talk. What I liked about the app is that you could accessorize. What I didn't like is that you can't make the mouth in a curved shape. I also liked how you can take a picture from the app, and that there are examples. I like how the first time you open the app it offers a tutorial, but I didn't like how you couldn't skip it.

Digital Safety With Chatterpix

Great job Bella and Bella!