Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sarah and Jonathan Review Videorama

  • Videorama is an app that you can use to make movies and videos
  • You can put sounds such as day tick, inception, and whoosh ect…
  • You can add video effects such as tornado, fire, and hearts
  • You can also add text on every picture with many fonts and colors
  • There are three options: Landscape, Portrait, and Square
  • Using the Picture timer you can select the amount of time the picture is displayed
  • You can add pictures or videos, but you cannot take the video or picture in the app.
  • You have a limit of 7 effects and sounds per 10 seconds
  • You can only put 5 lines of font size 12 per each picture
  • Some of the things on Videorama that I disliked included a limit to things you can use, sometimes the whole picture is not shown on the video, and finally how long it takes for a picture to upload onto Videorama. The limit stops you from giving the video a little more excitement. Depending on the side you chose the whole picture will show.

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if you have videos in your camera roll then you can drop them into your movie
There is a limit to 7 effects per every 10 seconds
you can put in effects and sounds and different things like that
sometimes the entire picture you put in does not show
there is no limit to what you can put in, like pictures and videos
you can not drop music into videorama. You have to use the music they have for you

There are little things you can do with the picture you drop in. There are only 3 effects you can use on the picture you drop in.

Gili and Marwan's Review of BUCKiTDREAM

BUCKiTDREAM is a social media app where you can create a list of goals you want to achieve such as going to Disney, Paris, or to buy an iPhone 6s. In the app you can see other people's desires and add them to your list or like, comment, or share them. You can also follow people and see all of their dreams. When you achieve your dream you can mark it, it will still stay on your list but it will appear differently. Your goals shouldn't just be things that you need to save money for they can also be personal goals such as getting better grades and starting to eat better.

Chloe and Bella V. Review Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an educational app. It helps improve your learning experience. Khan Academy explains what you  may be learning in class. In the app you can access many different features to enhance your learning experience. Some of these features include watching videos, reading an article, or looking at a graph. There are different categories and those include: Math, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and Humanities, Computing, Test Prep, Partner Content, College and Admissions, and Talks and Interviews. In those categories there are different parts of that topic that they focus on. In math you can watch videos from early math to grade 8, then the basics in most subcategories. In science you can watch videos on biology, chemistry, physics, health, and electrical engineering. These are just some of the things you can watch.

Will's Review of DocHub

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Joicee's Comparison of Peak and Lumosity - Brain Training Apps

    Peak and Lumosity are brain training apps. Lumosity is very popular and has a commercial while Peak does not have as much publicity. They both are very simple to setup and easy to use. Peak is more colorful than Lumosity which makes it more captivating and fun. They each have daily training sessions with three or four games. Peak has four games every day while Lumosity only has three. That is something I enjoy about Peak: it has more games and is very colorful. Another good thing about Peak is that you can look at a graph of your progress and compare it to others. Peak also has a feature where you can invite friends and try to beat their high scores. Lumosity is a little more fast paced and a little more serious looking. It does not have as much color as Peak, but it is extremely simple to use.



Rachad's Review of EdPuzzle

EdPuzzle is an app that allows your lesson to be a fun, interactive and in short video. Lots of teachers who use this app say “it makes my lessons short and fun!” And “If I hadn't have found this app, I would be lost.” In the App Store, its current ratings are “2.5 out of 5....” probably because it's very complicated, there are lots of videos on YouTube on how to work this app. You simply get your lesson and make a video then you edit it into making it into something fun. I find the app very boring, very selective to only teachers. I think the app is to complicated and too boring.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Joicee's One List App Review

One List is an amazing to do list app! Why? It is so colorful! It is so simple and is easy to use. It uses simple gestures to create, delete and complete tasks. Another good thing is that you can prioritize tasks and set due dates. The app can send you reminders to check your tasks and get them done. I love how colorful and simple to use!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Will and Rachad Test Samsung VR Headsets!

Samsung Gear is one of the new VR headsets that has been being talked about lately. It uses the phone as the screen and speakers. Mr. Fatal the tech Ed teacher recently obtained one of these headsets and let me test it out. Every time it says to tap the touchpad you have to tap it, that's located on the right side of the headset, don't tap it too many times or keep a finger on the edge of the touchpad, or the message won't go away.

I was able to to take a look at the Jurassic Park and the Avengers cinematic views. When you moved your head, the view would move too as in real life. Say you are watching tv and you turn your head to talk to someone, that's what happens when you move your head in the cinematics. The avengers cinematic is a battle scene frozen in time that you are taken through. You start off as Iron Man with his suit booting up. Then you get taken through the scene and see each character in the middle of combat, from Thor to Captain America until you reach their target Ultron. It was really cool, the sound was a little hard to hear because the headset still used the phone‘s speakers, but it was still very audible. Rachad got to play Temple Run, he has some things he would like to say.

It was a great experience, Temple run was so fun,  when I looked back I saw those monsters chasing me and I ran and I ran, I was laughing so hard. When you were in temple run you had to press down a button to run away from the Monkey Demons, after you took the golden idol they started chasing you. You would run and run then there would be obstacles that you would have to avoid. If you avoided them you would keep going but if you tripped over a branch you would get two chances.  I couldn’t pass the branches, I would trip and trip then yell “I think the games broken”. There was a controller which you use to run, jump, turn ect. You would use the joy sticks to turn and run but you would use X to jump.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Joicee's Swiftkey Review

Ever think the keyboard is boring? Well.... Swiftkey is interesting and will change how you use your keyboard.  It is easy to use and install! You can type normally or drag your finger to the letters with one hand! It makes typing easier and kind of fun. There are three free keyboard colors to pick from and you can add multiple languages if needed. I think typing with the Swiftkey keyboard is a new experience and will make typing less tedious.

Sydney and Aida Teacher Spotlight with Mr. Hickman

Mr. Hickman Interview
In Mr. Hickman’s science class on team 8C, we often go into the Mac Lab and use Phet Simulations. We also often use Jognog, usually for MCAS review. Phet simulations basically allows people to do labs revolving around subjects such as motion and energy, cells, chemical reactions,temperature reactions, and many more subjects.

What do you like about the PhET Simulations?
“PhET allow you to do experiments that would otherwise be impossible. The simulation lets us do experiments with chemicals and chemical reactions that we could never ever do in a middle school classroom”

What are some downsides that you don't like about PhET Simulations?
“Sometimes they are too complex and people get confused. Also, people are so close together that it is more tempting to talk to friends”

“Jognog is useful for vocab review but it really doesn't require any thinking it's just memorizing.
You really get introduced to words or concepts that you may have forgotten.”

“When we used to have pcs in class and when we had pcs we could use different types of sensors to record and graph the data but they took the pics away and replaced them with iPads. It was a great loss to the school. They were thrown out.”

“One of the problems with PhET is that we can only use the Mac lab when other classes aren't using it.”

What other electronically educational things do you use?
“iPads aren't really meant for anything other than going online and watching videos. They are not analytical tools. So iPads don't replace a pc and they don't replace a Mac. In the most part, they distract students who could otherwise be learning”

Would you ever consider graphing online or on paper?
“Yes but to graph accurately online you first need to know how to graph accurately on paper”

Do you think it would be harder if you didn't have electronics?
“It is not only more difficult but there are so many things you couldn't do. It just allows us to  do experiments we could never do in class.”

Students LOVE Quizlet Live!

  • You must have at least six students to be able to play .
  • The answer has to be correct for your group to move on to the next question
  • There is a limit up to 10 groups.
  • Each iPad has 3 or 4 answers on it and your team chooses the best answer.
  • If you get the question wrong you go back to the zero.
  • When you get a question right you will get one point until you get to the winning number of however many questions there are.
  • There has to be a minimum of 12 questions to play the game.
  • After each game you can talk to the class about things you didn’t understand and things you liked and didn’t like and the more difficult questions.

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By Sarah and Jonathan

Joicee's Grid Diary Review

Ever thought of keeping a diary, but then have forgotten to write in it? Grid Diary will remind you to write. There are different prompts you can choose from. I really like the colors and the simplicity of it. When you read your entries, they look cool.  If you feel like you will forget there is a reminder you can set! The reminder will prompt you to write.