Thursday, October 27, 2016

Chloe P. Interviews Mrs. Bryne

         This year we have some new teachers at MSMS. One of them is Mrs. Byrne. We asked Mrs. Byrne ten questions. Mrs. Byrne became a teacher because she likes explaining things, enjoyed working with children, and is very curious. She enjoys the 1:1 iPads when kids don't misuse them because they are good for filming what we do in class and make it easier to share notes with children, like on google classroom. Mrs. Byrne enjoys using Kahoot and JogNog in class but hopes to integrate Flocabulary and PhET as another learning tool. She became a science teacher because before she was a teacher she was a civil engineer and it seemed to fit. Mrs. Byrne’s favorite thing about teaching is doing labs and hands on activities, joking around with kids, and seeing the kids everyday. Out of all the units we cover in science heat and pressure is her favorite. In Mrs. Byrnes opinion the worst part about the iPads are when kids fool around on them and apps like google classrooms don't work. Some of the personal apps she uses are YouTube, Instagram, Overdrive, and iBooks.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Swift Playground by Jonathan

Swift playground is a fun and easy app to use. This app explains and demonstrates each and every manoeuvre you need to make. This app is colorful and has interesting animations that you move. In the app there is a Questions and Answer tab, when you go into that you develop a question then the system generates an answer. I would suggest this app to teachers who are looking for a coding app that is accessible yet challenging.

  • Easy to access the menu bar.
  • Adjustable to age=difficulty.
  • You can switch between difficulty
  • Depending on reading difficulty it will adjust instructions
  • The first 5 levels are very simple, but takes a while to get through all the instructions.
  • The programming gets very glitchy and lags more than a normal app should.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

How to Create a Top-Down Web by Dan, Malachi, and Sam

For the past few weeks, Helpdesk students Dan, Malachi, and Sam reviewed different ways to make Top-Down Webs in Google Slides and Inspiration Maps. Check out their tutorials below!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

What we are working on....

  • ios10 update tutorial on Green Screen- Gili, Bella, Lainey

Swift Playground Coding App- Jonathan

Top-Down Web Maker- Sam, Daniel, Malachi

Review Notability using iMovie- Suleikha and Rachad

iMovie Review- using iMovie- Aymaan and Justin

Digital Citizenship- Chloe A.

Tour of the Learning Commons on iMovie-
Bella, Christian, Chloe and Sarah