Thursday, January 5, 2017

Infographics- by Chloe and Bella

Infographics are a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. Infographics are very helpful in school and out. There are many websites to help you make these infographics including Venngage, Visme, Canva,, and One of the best websites to use is piktochart. This is an easy online infographer that helps users make a diagram or chart. On the website you have an option to create a piktochart. When you are creating it, on the sidebar there are different categories for you to form the piktochart. The categories are graphis, uploads, background, text and tools. In the graphics tab there are things you can add to your graph like shapes and lines, icons, photos and photo frame. In the uploads you can take a picture, get pictures from your camera roll, download them from the cloud, or from google drive. In the backgrounds you can choose a pattern or color for your background. In the text tab you can choose a text frame or heading. In the tool tab there will be three sections, graph, maps and videos. If you go into one of those sections you can search for a certain graph, map, or video.

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