Thursday, January 12, 2017

Notability Tutorial by Sarah and Suleikha

You can add different subjects and add different pages under those subjects.

You can draw with all different colors. This is how you change the color when you want to draw.

Press on screen when using highlighter or colored pencils to make straight lines.

The two pictures on top are using scissors, when using scissors you can either shrink or make things bigger.

You can add text by pressing the capital T

You can also press the capital T and press the screen then tap text box to make a text box

If you press the settings you can install auto-backup, manage accounts, change themes, document, typing, handwriting, iOS sleep timer, and web clip.

You can either add a new subject or divider.

You can delete notes by sliding and pressing the red trash can

You can also recover those notes in less than 30 days by pressing tiny trash in bottom corner of screen.

You can search to find notes if you name your notes.

You can also select notes to share.

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