Thursday, January 12, 2017

Review of Sphero by Joel

A  Sphero  SPRK is a robotic ball that is able to go at high speeds and goes into small areas. The surface of the ball is clear so we are able to see the robotics of it and also we can change the glowing colors. But we don't just use it for colors and driving we also use it for coding. Coding helps students learn how to program and engineer.  Putting into a toy is  genius. Schools can implement many ways to use coding and get students excited about coding. Obviously it's not just pure education, it is also fun. The speed gives the Sphero an RC car feeling and the glowing colors make it cool.

 The Sphero has multiple different ways of coding, examples are drawing,text,and blocks which is shown above. Coding blocks can alter heading,speed,color,velocity etc.  While drawing just draw the position it has to move and it will move that way as shown below and lastly text. Text is when you type in a program and the Sphero connects to the mobile device and does the program which is shown below.
The Sphero app also show tutorial on coding and also lets you and other people share their programs which you could use or base off of.
The home page is shown in below.

The Sphero is a great and educational device to use for students and teachers around the world.

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