Thursday, January 26, 2017

What is a Hyperdoc and how do I use it??? By Gili

A hyperdoc is an interactive lesson that can be designed for any topic using this template from

To engage students at the beginning of a lesson, insert video, image, quote, or another inspirational hook in this box.

Curate a collection of resources (articles, videos, infographics, text excerpts, etc.) for students to explore a topic.

Use this section of the HyperDoc to explain the lesson objective through direct instruction using your favorite web tool, or gather students together to teach the content.

Create an assignment for students to apply what they learn by using web tools to create, collaborate, and/or connect beyond the classroom.

Collect student work to provide feedback, and/or include a section for students to share work with an authentic audience.

Include an opportunity for face-to-face or digital reflection to guide students along their learning progression and set new goals.

Add links to more activities and online resources to extend the learning.  

You can search Google for lessons for different topics or create your own. For each lesson you need to have a link or activity for each level. Each level has a different purpose or different experience of learning.

I think that hyperdocs are a good way for learning because it gives the student different kinds of activities and they wouldn't get bored of an activity. I also think that it is a good activity to give to students when there is a substitute or the teacher isn't feeling well and can't speak, because the student can guide themselves through the lesson and also have instructions.

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