Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Help Desk Students! :)

We had a ton of success recruiting from the 7th grade!
Here are our newest members: Anvi, Zara, Meriam, Annabel and Aman

Friday, February 17, 2017

Interviewing the BHS Help Desk!

MSMS Help Desk students had a blast "Chatting" online with students from the BHS Help Desk team yesterday!

You can check out the video below:

Chloe and Bella will be following up in a post featuring some of the key topics that were discussed. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Gili's Hyperdoc Lesson for Spanish Class


Click the link for a quick song

Find some -ar verbs we have learned

______________    ________________     ________________

______________    ________________     ________________

This is what the ending look like in a chart. Remember that you

Use this link for a quick exercise
When opening the link pick 10 questions and and mark NO for the vosotros form.

Use this link for practicing your skills
You Do Not necessarily need to know the verbs you just need to conjugate them.

Jonathan's Tech Survey

As shown in the graph above, about half of the people who have taken this survey voted to hand write notes in a notebook. This surprised me because I thought in our new age of technology, many people would want to type out notes, I think this is because typed notes are neater and easier to organize.
As shown by the line graph above, Notability, Drawing Pad, and Google Classroom all came in the top three for most favored educational app. The only app that surprised me was that Drawing Pad was tied for first with the most favored educational app.

As shown in the circle graph above it was about evenly spread out between the four choices. The only thing that surprised me was when students used their iPads less than once a week. I thought that students would use iPads in every special at least once a week.

The class that used iPads the most per week would be Science class, in science 37.5% of people that took the server would use their iPads every day. This didn't surprise me because in science you have to make models and show work, using the iPad is a good way of doing this. The class that didn't use their iPad the most per week would be in Foreign Language. This surprised me because I thought that most of the Foreign Language teachers would use iPads in their class.