Thursday, March 23, 2017

Annabel and Anvi Review PEARLTREES

Pearltrees Review

 Pearltrees is a note-taking application that allows a student to share, organize, and personalize their own notes. The user can organize documents, web pages, notes, and import different photos and files to your home page. Each student has their own account, where they can share different collections and ideas with any teacher or student that is a user. A student can team up with other students and collaborate on a collection. A student can look at other people’s collections that may be related to one’s own interests. One can comment and add other files to their own collection. A teacher can view their student’s notes, and comment on them also.
Pearltrees is a helpful application that could be used instead of Notability and Explain Everything.

    Using Pearltrees in classrooms could benefit the level of learning for students. Organization management is in this app to create a better environment for learning. Overall, the use of Pearltrees is a helpful way to organize and develop ideas.

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