Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Aymaan and Joel Give Battery Life Tips

Six Tips on how to save battery life on your iPad

Number 1: You can turn down your brightness. People say that turning down your brightness, can save battery by decreasing the amount of voltage that is used on the LCD display on your iPad. This will improve and save some of your battery life on your iPad.
Number 2: Background App Refresh can take up lots of battery because some apps still manage to consumer a lots of power. To turn this feature off, go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and you can turn Background App Refresh off, or you can select the apps you'd like to refresh in the background on your mobile apple device. This way you can save some battery life on your iPad.
Number 3: Vibrations actually use up more power than ringtones. The sounds produced by ringtones are just very tiny vibrations in your smartphone’s speaker. That to the shaking of the entire iPad, definitely takes less of your battery. The same goes for using vibration for feedback in other applications. If you don't disable vibrations at least, lessen the power usage  of the vibrations.
Number 4:Certain apps eat up more battery juice than others, particularly apps which use the GPS system to track your location. You iPad has a GPS unit that allows the signals to and from satellites to determine your exact location, which is important for some apps to work, for example, map-based apps like Maps or to check-in on Pokémon Go.

Number 5: The fifth tip to save your battery life is to turn off notifications. Not only is it annoying to constantly receive irrelevant notifications that can actually wait, it is also a powersucker for each of these notifications. Every incoming notification will take up some energy, but turning them off will save lots of power in the long run.

Number 6: The last tip to save your battery life is Low Power Mode.When Low Power Mode is on, the battery in the battery indicator bar will be yellow. You'll see and the battery percentage.When your iPhone reaches 20 percent battery power left, you’ll see a “Low Power Mode” prompt appear. Your iPhone will tell you what features will be temporarily disabled until your iPhone has an optimal amount of power. To do this, open the Settings app, scroll down, and tap the “Battery.” Activate the “Low Power Mode” slider to enable it.
These are six ways you can save battery life on your apple mobile device by adjusting some settings.

By Aymaan S. and Joel V.

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