Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Bella and Chloe Summarize Interview with BHS Help Desk

We recently interviewed the helpdesk at Burlington High School. They were very nice and answered all our questions. To ask them questions we had google hangout. Everyone who is in helpdesk at the middle school now came up with a question and asked it so we could have a better understanding of what is done in the high school helpdesk. Below are the questions ( in black) and answers ( in blue) of the helpdesk students:

  1. What is the worst part of helpdesk? No study hall.
  2. How many people do you allow into the Help Desk? No maximum; but 6 or 7 (they may have more).
  3. Who makes up the majority of the Help Desk? Mainly upperclassmen (Juniors, Seniors).
  4. What is the best part of being in help desk? You can do whatever you want such as programing, and tech.
  5. How much work do you usually get accomplished? Depends on the project (can take long time or short) especially making a game.
  6. What different tools do you use in the high school Help Desk compared to middle school Help desk? No one in the interview did Help desk in middle school.
  7. Where do you guys meet? In the Library (a back room).
  8. Do you stay after school? No, but you can.
  9. Can you stay in helpdesk all four years? Generally not, but you can take it for a couple semesters.
  10. Do you interview other students? They haven’t, but they may in the future.
  11. Are you graded and if so how? Yes they are graded, and there is a rubric on the high school helpdesk blog and projects have different weight. You can pass/fail.
  12. What kind of activities do you do? Make spinners, games, and documentaries?
  13. Can you get kicked out of helpdesk? You can but no one ever has.

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