Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Instagram and Education

How Instagram can be Educational:
  • A teacher can post pictures of student work.
  • You can follow people who travel around the world so you can learn about different countries.
  • Record steps in a science experiment.
  • Record Field trip the class has been on.
  • Share acceptance letter if you applied to a school.
  • You can post students who made it on the scholar's list.
  • Teachers can communicate with students on instagram

How instagram is not educational:
  • Students can spread rumors
  • People can use it during school with their iPads
  • People can post pictures the other people didn't approve of.
  • Make fake accounts or pretend to be someone else
  • If you log in on another persons phone they can stay on your account and theirs by switching users
  • You can record other people and post it on your Instagram story which everyone can see
  • Under their pictures you can put negative comments.
  • Screenshot and repost a picture of someone that the person wouldn't want on social media.

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