Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ten Tech Apps for Students by Aymaan

Ten Technological Apps For Students
  1. Evernote is an easy to use note-taking and PDF annotation app. You can create lists and draw in the app for notes. It is a great productivity related app.
    2.  Dropbox is a file service which gives you cloud storage to store all of your pdf’s and pictures as well as file synchronization and a personal cloud. This can be useful because you can access Dropbox from any mobile device that can run the app at an optimized performance.

   3. Wolfram Alpha is an answer engine. It basically is an online service that answers queries and questions directly by computing the answer. It does not give you website to go to, rather it gives you the answer directly. This can be useful for anyone because if you have any question this service gives you the answer. Not just websites to go and look for your answer.

 4. Popplet is easy an easy to use app that lets you create a graphic organizer by yourself. You can add pictures and images and draw in them as well.

  5. Easybib is an easy citation creator. This app allows you to just copy and paste a website and create a citation out of it. This can be easy and useful for students because it makes it easy for them to list their sources in a format that the teachers want.


 6. SimpleMind™ is a mind mapping tool that takes your thoughts and structures them in a comfortable way. It is an graphic organizer and a place to store any information that you have just like a online sticky note. It is easy to create crosslinks to connect any 2 topics on the Mind Map where you view your information.

Merrimac Webster.png
  7. Merriam-Webster is an app that is a trusted source for a dictionary. The app gives you the origins of words and the time period that it was used the most.

Adobe Voice.jpg
  8.  Adobe Voice lets you create a video with your voice. This can be useful if you have to create a video about a topic and you want to make it with the least amount of effort needed to get an A on your project. You can create a story with a variety of soundtracks to choose from, and combine video clips and photos to make an animated video easily.


  9. The app Paper allows you to create checklists, identify details in photos, and sketch diagrams. The app can keep your ideas organized and is formatted in a way of a posttest board where you can have everything laid out in front of you.
Just Press Record.jpg

10. Just Press Record is a simple audio recording app that is convenient and easy to use. Just press the button and you can create memos and record lectures and more. You can even Playback and record on all your iOS devices. The app also provides a transcript of what you said.

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