Tuesday, April 10, 2018

All About the New QBalls by Anvi

Benefits of Having a Qball in the Classroom

What Is A Qball?
A Qball is a soft, throwable microphone which can be used not only in classrooms but in
conferences. It connects to the sound system through a wireless receiver and doesn’t interfere
with any other audio devices in the classroom. The microphone of the Qball is located in a soft
foam ball, which is thrown around the room. The receiver is able to speak into the microphone,
and then toss it to someone else. Since it is very soft, it makes it very durable. If the Qball ever
dropped on on the floor, the microphone inside would remain undamaged.

What Can It Be Used For
The Qball can be used not only as a microphone, but a way to make a classroom more interactive
and enjoyable for students. Teachers can use the Qball in various classroom activities, from games
to review sessions, even questions and answers.  

At MSMS, the Qballs will be available for teachers to sign out for individual classroom use
(much like Chromebook carts).

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